Organizing Committee

Pablo Pérez, Musicoguia Magazine 
Chris Martin, Musicoguia Magazine
Noemi Pérez, Musicoguia Magazine

Scientific Committee

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Dr. Felisa De Blas Gómez 
Architecture and Theater
Dr. Santiago Pérez-Aldeguer
Music, Percussion and Interculturality
Dr. Miren Pérez Eizaguirre
Music therapy and music education
Dr. Domingo ortega Criado
Dramaturgy and Theater
Dr. Gemma Guillem Cardona
Medical-Scientific Research, Instrumentalists and Musicians
Dr. Daniel Gutiérrez-Ujaque
Contemporary Art and Critical Pedagogy
Dr. Donatella Danzi
Glottodidactics and Theatre
MA./CAT. Fernando Raña Barreiro
Music, Flute and Theatre
Dr. Almudena González Brito
Interpretation and Musical Pedagogy from music and neuroscience
Dr. Omar Cabrales Salazar
Neuroscience, Music and Poetry
Dr. Paloma Peláez Bravo
Natural painting, landscape painting and pictorial space
Dr. Diego Palacio Enríquez
Dr. María Isabel Martínez
Second language teaching, Latin American literature
Dr. José Manuel Teira Alcaraz
Quality in Higher Education; Contemporary Scene and Theater
Dr. Javier Suárez Quiros
Soundscape; Wellbeing; Sonification; ICT.


Welcome to the 6th Interdisciplinary and Virtual Conference on Arts in Education. CIVAE 2024 is an international conference whose mission is to provide a platform for collaboration between teachers, researches and artists from different artistic disciplines - music, dance, theater, poetry, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, cinema, philology, history, architecture, journalism, literature, philology, language learning... - with the aim to highlight the value of the arts in education and promote their development from an interdisciplinary approach.

The conference will take place virtually on February 28 and 29, 2024 and it is addressed to teachers, researchers, artists, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students interested in the arts from an educational perspective. We invite you to participate as a speaker or as a listener.

CIVAE 2024 welcomes proposals - in English or Spanish- dealing with the arts applied to education from a theoretical, empirical and/or practical approach. All submissions will undergo a peer review process and all accepted proposals will be published in a Conference Book of Proceedings with ISBN, ISSN and DOI.


1. Proposal submission deadline EXTENDED: February 9 16 (notification of decission: February 15 19)

2. Author registration: from September 1 to February 21.

3. Virtual presentation submission deadline: February 23.

4. CIVAE Arts in Education Conference days: February 28 - 29, 2024.

Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings 2024

  Conference Proceedings CIVAE 2024 Editor: MusicoGuiaPublisher: Adaya PressISBN: 978-84-126060-3-4e-ISSN: 2445-3641DOI: 10.58909/adc24571456Publication date: March, 2024Indexing: DIALNET Download (full text): .pdf

Conference Proceedings 2023

  Conference Proceedings CIVAE 2023 Editor: MusicoGuiaPublisher: Adaya PressISBN: 978-84-124511-9-1e-ISSN: 2445-3641DOI: 10.58909/ad23571835Publication date: June, 2023Indexing: DIALNET Download (full text): .pdf

Conference Proceedings 2022

  Conference Proceedings CIVAE 2022 Editor: MusicoGuiaISBN: 978-84-124511-5-3e-ISSN: 2445-3641Publication date: June, 2022Indexing: DIALNET Download (full text): .pdf

Conference Proceedings 2021

  Conference Proceedings CIVAE 2021 Editor: MusicoGuiaISBN: 978-84-09-29615-6e-ISSN: 2445-3641Publication date: September, 2021Indexing: DIALNET Download (full text): .pdf

Conference Proceedings 2020

  Conference Proceedings CIVAE 2020 Editor: MusicoGuiaISBN: 978-84-09-22970-3e-ISSN: 2445-3641Publication date: December, 2020Indexing: DIALNET Download (full text): .pdf

Conference Proceedings 2019

  Conference Proceedings CIVAE 2019 Editor: MusicoGuiaISBN: 978-84-09-18269-5e-ISSN: 2445-3641Publication date: February, 2020Indexing: DIALNET Download (full text): .pdf